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Happy Brain Program

 ** Please note: My programs are not therapy and at no time is medical assessment or diagnosis provided.

Happy Brain Program 

The Beginning

I've always been interested in how the brain works, since I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in high school.  I needed to figure out my own therapy/recovery plan, as the doctors back then didn't know as much as they do today about brain injuries.  I ended up reading, taking Brain Gym® classes, joining groups and learning to help myself, which included, many puzzles and games that would challenge my thinking skills and memory. 

 The Happy Brain Program didn't developed though until many years later when I was a Personal Support Worker.   I quickly discovered many of my clients families wanted to hire me not only for my PSW skills but for:

-  The caring client interaction skills I had developed from my background as an entertainer combined with my PSW education.

-  The understanding and empathy I had from having lost and recovered some abilities from my own injury,

-  My interest to see if we could overcome some of my clients ability losses together in a fun entertaining way.  

-  My positive outlook

I continued working as a Personal Support Worker  mainly for people with dementia/Alzheimers.   Every client I had, gave me the opportunity to  learn new ways to stimulate their mind and create smiles.  

I made a list of all the games, exercises, and puzzles that I've seen positive results with and The Happy Brain Program was born! Now my program is for everyone 😊.


Happy Brain Program

Consists of...

I provide a variety of positive fun for all skill levels. My program has each person thinking and smiling! Subjects include: Music, Memory Games, Concentration Exercises, Word Puzzles, Sign Language Fun, Neurobics, Gentle Movement Patterns, Left/Right Exercise and Brain Gym®, Logic Problems, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Story Telling, lots of Laughter, and more.

Sometimes our conversations lead us to welcomed, unexpected places of sharing and learning.  The social enjoyment is one of my favourite parts of my program - There's nothing better than seeing faces light up and smile.

Group Sessions


price depends on group location, size, and frequency

I go out of my way to make sure every session is a positive, fun filled hour. Many participants feel a sense of accomplishment trying and learning new things in a welcoming, happy environment.

Please contact me if you know of an individual or group that would benefit from some thought provoking, stimulating, neurobic, fun.  


West Shore Village Retirement Home in Port Perry is lucky to have Nancy at our home monthly. Our residents love the "Happy Brain Program" which is designed for seniors as well as those with dementia. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and empathy make her a favourite visitor at West Shore. The program includes music therapy, fine motor movement activities, memory games and much more. Thank you Nancy!

B. Krotowski

Life Enrichment Coordinator

West Shore Village 

Here are some comments from the participants of the Happy Brain Program:

"I always try to encourage new people to come. This is one of the best programs. Lots of good brain work, lots of laughter and a nice hour to enjoy" Frances

"I enjoy your program very much. You always have great and varied brain exercises. I also enjoy your happy, upbeat manner. Your singing and jokes add to the positive atmosphere of the class." Uena 

"I like Nancy because she is very friendly and funny. We are learning a lot and I'm sure it is helping our memory." Kelly

"Every Friday we get together with Nancy for her Happy Brain exercises. I really enjoy it. She is so much fun. I look forward to Friday." Betty

"I like your program very much because it keeps me interested in all that is going on." Margaret

"I like the program because it makes me think." Margaret S. 

"I would not miss Nancy's class each week. She makes us laugh and keeps our brains functioning. She is great and appreciated by all." Joan

"Nancy's Happy Brain Program is one of the programs I really look forward to. It makes us all feel really good and friendly towards each other until our next visit. It's a great program." Dorothy

"It is a pleasure to come down and join Nancy every Monday as she always has a smile for each of us. The program is very well made up for each one of us. Thank you Nancy it is always a pleasure." Doreen 

"Your program is a very nice inspiration for everybody" Ottilie 

 "I have enjoyed every minute of Nancy's programs. She has certainly helped get us together and relax. Thank you Nancy"  

 "I have enjoyed every minute of Nancy's programs. She has certainly helped get us together and relax. Thank you Nancy"  

"I enjoy your program, you are so happy and outgoing" Fred

"Nancy gives us a lot of fun and makes us feel happy! We also keep our brains working(have to keep up with the younger folk)." Joyce

"We enjoy her class and learn a lot. We also laugh a lot." Sue 

Private or Semi Private

Home Visits with Nancy

$50 - $75 per hour depending on location

I go to hospitals, private homes, retirement homes, and longterm care homes. They are special attention visits. I learn about the person I'm seeing and we enjoy activities, conversation and smiles .

These one-on-one visits are great if the person prefers the individual attention, and conversation over a group setting.  


The one-on-one visits are beneficial if the person is unable to participate in other activities due to any loss of ability(hearing, vision, mobility, cognitive, etc....). I will provide suitable activities for their ability.


If someone is in hospital and needs some attention and activities to brighten their day.


If someone wants extra activities to stay sharp.  Use it or loose it!!

The Benefits of Games and Social Interaction:

- Sharing laughter and fun can promote empathy, compassion and trust with others - bonding.

- Memory formation and other cognitive skills can be developed playing games.

- Playing games reduces the risk of mental diseases and cognitive decline, such as those associated with dementia. Keeping your mind engaged means you are exercising it and building it stronger. A stronger brain has reduced risk of losing it's power. "Use it or loose it"!

- Playing games and laughing not only feels good by increasing endorphins; it lowers blood pressure. The release of endorphins helps muscles to relax and blood to circulate, which will lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with greater risk of heart disease and stroke.

- Games can speed up your responses. You might be able to find your house keys faster! Scientists at the University of Toronto assessed 2 groups ability to search for and find an object. One group played video games and the other did not. They concluded that the group who played games were far quicker at locating an object.

- Reduce stress. Games are a fun way to provide a distraction from stressors. Unwind and play. Negativity, depression and stress can reduce your ability to fight disease. Positive feelings and thoughts that come with the laughter and enjoyment of playing games release chemicals that fight stress and boost the immune system. Help fight illness by smiling and playing games :)