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End of Life

Nancy Danielle Garland

Personal Support Worker(PSW)

and End of Life Doula(EOLD).


What is an End of Life Doula?

An EOLD is a non-medical person who is trained to care for a person and their family holistically in the last phase of life.

As an EOLD, I know what to expect physically, emotionally, and spiritually as someone’s body declines and what interventions to suggest for optimum comfort.

Whether you or someone you love, has been given a terminal diagnosis, or is naturally at the end of life, you may have feelings of shock, sadness, denial, withdrawal, worry, being unprepared, feeling like a burden, feeling like you lost all control, etc… Death is a top fear(right up there with public speaking) in North America, yet death is a natural process, that everyone will go through. People have been dying for thousands of years, and instead of struggling through the process with negative feelings. I’d like to help make the transition a more positive one.

The fear people have surrounding death is preventing them from doing advanced care planning, or learning more about the reality that this is a natural part of our journey. Knowing what to expect and what to do takes some of that fear away and makes you feel more in control. I would like to remove some of the tension and guide you and your family, physically, emotionally, and spiritually through this life transition and make it the best it can be.

On every visit I will firstly check to see if there are any acute issues, something that needs to be handled right away - someone panicking, pain, nausea..… 

 Then I will check for any safety concerns - fall risk, confusion, weakness, swallowing difficulty, caregiver burnout…. 

 And then I’ll check to see what other support systems they have in place - PSW’s Hospice nurse, family, friends…. 

 Finally, I can get involved in lovely conversations, do a life review, offer suggestions of forgiveness to oneself and to others to create a more peaceful environment, offer a distraction to relieve some stress/worry. Or I can be quiet with my positive, no judgement presence. I can hold the space so ones energy is not alone. I’m there if they need me.  Everyone is different and has their own story, likes and dislikes.  What can I do for you?

Let’s remove the Death Fear, and turn it into 

Death Education - Death Wellness - Death Positive - Death Celebration.