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** Please Note **

I would love to help you celebrate, however, since Covid, I have been driving trucks more often than booking entertainment. 

 I am driving a snow plow clearing the roads for you this winter(2022/2023) and I am on call. 

​I haven't been able to commit to any future entertaining dates as I won't know the weather on that day and I may get called in to plow, salt or brine the roads. 

 I could attend last minute bookings if the weather is clear, but I understand that you may want to secure a more definite option of entertainment.

I'll be back accepting future bookings in April 2023.

- Be well and drive safe this winter 💝 -


My name is Nancy Garland and I've been a family entertainer for over 20 years.  I perform, 

-Fun Magic Shows

-Fabulous Face Painting

-& Balloon Creations Everyone Loves

I visit special events, such as birthdays(1 - 101 years old), grand openings, religious celebrations, anniversaries, sporting events, etc..  

I also visit groups or individuals to have fun with my Happy Brain Program, which consists of,

-Sign Language Fun

-Left/Right Hemisphere Exercises

-Memory/Brain Stimulating Games and Puzzles


-Gentle Movement Patterns

-Lots of Laughter and much more

My program is great for any age or ability, in retirement homes, private homes, fun gatherings, birthday parties, rehab, etc...  It's great, uplifting, social, brain exercises.  Use it or loose it!


Nancy Garland PSW. EOLD